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Disclaimer and Disclosure

Disclaimer and Disclosure

All the information on this website is published in good faith and for general information purposes only. I do my best to ensure all content on this website is correct and believe in full disclosure. However, I am not liable for any errors and readers are urged to confirm information about destinations, products or services with suppliers and other information sources. What Ali Sees is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any information contained on this website. What Ali Sees can amend any content in this website at any time.

What Ali Sees is a blog written and edited by Ali May. Like many bloggers I’d love to make an income from my blogging. My integrity and reputation are important to me so rest assured that all opinions expressed on this blog are my own. For disclosure purposes, I will notify readers when I write about posts I have received payment or gratuities for.

Product Reviews & Sponsored Posts

Like many bloggers I’d love to make an income from my blogging. Every now and then What Ali Sees will review a product or travel service and write a sponsored post. Sometimes products may be sent to me to review. For sponsored posts, I have been paid a fee to write the post.

I only review products that I believe may be of interest to my readers and I will tell you what I truly thought of them.

I always disclose if a product or service I write about or feature has been the result of a commercial engagement. For questions about this blog, please email me at admin {at} whatalisees {dot} com.

Affiliate Link Disclosure

What Ali Sees provides links to other websites and companies that I find useful. Some of the links on WhatAliSees.com are affiliate links. Meaning that I might be receiving a small commission if you decide to purchase something from the company that I have linked to. There will be no additional cost to you and occasionally I may be able to link to offers and deals providing you with a better price.

If I do not personally like a product or company and would not recommend them to family and friends I do not link to them on What Ali Sees. For disclosure purposes, all posts that contain affiliate links will be clearly marked.

Commission from affiliate marketing pays for the hosting and costs of running this website.


If you come across something on my blog and you want to know whether I am making money from it, you are welcome to ask me via email: admin {at} whatalisees {dot} com.

Thank you!

The income I make from these various income streams allows me to pay for the costs of running this website and keep the content free for readers. I really appreciate your support.


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