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Check here for my Copyright Policy

My travel tips and itineraries (and most of those I link to) are for your personal use only. All images and text are the property of me. Please don’t take advantage of my generosity in sharing. Please don’t make money off of my ideas.

I would love you to pin one of my pictures to Pinterest or share my post on StumbleUpon, FlipBoard or other networks, but please don’t copy and paste the entire text or post. A lot of research and time goes into preparing each post. If you send your readers back here to read the rest of the post, great (thank YOU)! If you create a blog post, page on your own site, or other shared material where you have copied so much that readers don’t need to come here to view the original, then that’s plagiarism and against copyright.

If you would like to share one of my posts on your website, you are welcome to share ONE of my photos with a link back to the post that it came from.

You may also share my posts on any social network with links directly back to the original post on What Ali Sees. Extra kudos to you for also tagging my social profile in your shared post.

I make every effort to acknowledge ideas and content that I have found elsewhere on blogs or other sites. But I am human and sometimes I might forget the source or not be able to find it again, or indeed simply make a mistake. If you think I have failed to properly acknowledge something here and would like me to update it, please let me know.


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